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Planner Advantages

Partnership Advantages

Grow Your Business

Producers Choice Network partners with like-minded Broker-Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors and Financial Professionals to help them become an indispensable center-point of guidance for those they serve.


By connecting people, to value, with purpose, PCN is able to elevate the planning experience for both the advisor and their clients. This has become known in the industry as the "PCN Connect Effect.” 


To explore partnership opportunities with PCN, simply begin by reaching out to have the conversation. 

Start the Journey of Partnership

Professional Development & Education

Professional Development and Education

Increase Your Value

PCN believes in the importance of investing in professional development and financial planning education to help financial professionals successfully evolve ahead of the ever changing financial market place.

As a partner of PCN, gain inside access to industry leading platforms designed to advance your knowledge, sharpen your skills and expand your expertise.

From earning credited designations, to gaining 24/7 on-demand access to practical comprehensive planning training resources, take advantage of the following offerings in support of your professional aspirations and development goals. 

Increase your comprehensive financial knowledge and access on-demand practical training.

Contact PCN to gain access.

Advisor Essentials

Advisor Essentials

Become more for those you serve by earning your CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, FSCP®, RICP®, and/or WMCP® designations.

Contact PCN to gain access.

The American College of Financial Services

The American College of Financial Services

Get CLTC® Certified and help clients better plan for a potential life-changing health care event.

Contact PCN to gain access.

Certification for Long-Term Care

CLTC Certification for Long-Term Care

Connect to a comprehensive platform for managing compliance, licensing and registration, conflicts of interest and continuing education through a unified enterprise technology solution.

Contact PCN to gain access.


Reg Ed

Dynamic Marketing

Dynamic Marketing

Expand Your Reach

Utilize the power of PCN’s marketing and creative services to help make your mark, share your voice and connect with your clients.  


Confidently showcase your unique brand identity as you attract more people to your business utilizing modern forms of media content. From digital to print, PCN has your marketing needs covered.

Effectively communicate your unique brand utilizing print, digital and social media designed to connect you to more people.

Share Your Voice

Share Your Voice

Develop and define a brand identity that reflects your core values, custom style and unique messaging.

Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark

Leverage educational content materials to help deliver a personalized planning experience to those you serve.

Connect with Your Clients

Connect With Your Clients

Operational Support

Operational Business Support

Strengthen Your Business

When it comes to boosting your back office activity, PCN's Contracting & Licensing, New Business and Commissions teams systematically work together to make processing business a whole lot easier.

Gain efficient operational support and access to streamlined technologies so that you can spend more time taking care of your clients and growing your business.

Strengthen Your Business
Tools & Technolgy

Tools & Technology


Optimize Your Time

Get what you need when you need it most.


Through PCN's secured "Partner Login" portal, connect to a full suite of on-demand planning tools and business processing technologies supporting annuity, life insurance and long-term care solutions.


With access to PCN's exclusive online insurance support platform, accelerate productivity with the greatest of ease.  

Annuity Express (AE), powered by Firelight, delivers an elevated end-to-end digital sales experience for both you and your clients. With AE at your fingertips, boost your business performance with 24/7 online accessibility to get the job done quickly and efficiently when needed most.

Annuity Business Submission Made Easier

Annuity Express powered by Firelight
PCN Presents | Annuity Express, powered by Firelight
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Annuity Rate Watch delivers customizable annuity databases, Illustrations, SPIA quotes, Lifetime Income Rider Quoting, RILA, IOVA and Traditional Annuity Data and Electronic Applications all in one simple to use application.

Annuity Rates and Updates Made Simple 

Annuity Rate Watch