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Our Commitment to You

PCN partners with broker-dealers and provides unparalleled services in support of their identified goals.

Our proficient experience allows us to understand and meet key objectives by empowering financial professionals as an institutional advocate.

With PCN right by your side, remain at the core of the relationship with your esteemed associates and deliver more value to those you serve.

Partnership Benefit Highlights
Partnership benefit highlights
  • Proactive, external and internal insurance and income planning specialists

  • Enhanced technology solutions for annuity and insurance business

  • Expansive, customized product offering for products on your platform

  • Dynamic marketing solutions to expand client relationships

  • Professional development and educational partnerships

  • Compliance controls and compensation neutral

Your Journey Starts Here...

Receive a high level overview of who PCN is and the services provided to help solve challenges by offering, promoting and implementing insurance solutions into your business with purpose.

Connect with Our Executive Team

Connect with Our Executive Team


In support of solidifying a mutual agreement, PCN works with you to establish the rules of engagement, define business requirements and plan for conducting business.

 Become a Partner

Become a Partner


Through partnership, we define commission arrangements, solution based marketing support and advisor engagement activity.

Build Structure

Build Structure


Connect with PCN department leaders through introductory meetings, get contracted with appropriate carriers and gain

access to PCN’s online annuity and insurance technology platform.

Onboard Your Team

Onboard Your Team


Together, we promote the added value and benefits available to associate advisors through educational webinars, consultant connections and marketing communications.

Engage and Activate Advisors

Engage and Activate Advisors

With PCN right by your side, remain the center of the relationship with your financial professionals and deliver more value to your associates.
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