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Since 1999, Producers Choice Network (PCN) has been working hand-in-hand with leading wealth managers and financial institutions across the nation optimizing industry connectivity, client loyalty, and business growth.


PCN provides concierge consultative services designed to help Registered Investment Advisors, Broker-Dealers, and Financial Professionals incorporate longevity strategies and comprehensive insurance solutions into their practice easier.

Are you ready to purposefully grow your business as you make a bigger impact on those you serve?

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* FY OCT 2022

Elevate Your Planning Experience 

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Gain the Planner Advantage

PCN's Planner Advantage is designed to help financial professionals better connect with business development experts, increase overall planning performance, impact more lives, and operate with elite time freeing efficiency.


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Get connected to financial industry experts, business development thought leaders, and top performing financial professionals by attending PCN’s live and virtual events.

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PCN's events are designed to help unlock your highest potential and generate greater opportunities in support of you and your clients' goals.


Get ready to elevate your planning experience and grow your business learning from the best-of-the-best. 


Register and attend upcoming PCN events.

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Thursday, November 17, 2022

11:00 am EST


Educational Webinar

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November is Long-Term Care (LTC) Awareness Month!

When it comes to preparing for a potential LTC event, your clients are depending on you to help guide them through the process of building a comprehensive plan that meets their wants and needs.

Join PCN and LTC planning expert Brad Shepard, CLTC® as you receive a proven holistic planning approach to help your clients build an LTC plan designed to protect their financial, physical, emotional, and relational well-being.

Topics Covered:

  • “Survey Says” – People’s true perceptions of LTC

  • How to deliver a client-centric LTC planning approach

  • Plan options and funding solutions to help reach planning success

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